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A little about me.

Getting your business to display on Google in a way that puts you above your competition, establishes your brand authority for your industry, and ultimately gets your business more customers is a work of art.

My name is Jason Macre, self proclaimed Google Artist, and I'm passionate about helping local businesses not only rank higher on Google, but look great doing it, and helping you achieve whatever goals you may have for your business through digital marketing.

You Don't Have To Guess Anymore

As a business owner, or person in charge of making sure customers are finding a business online, you can't afford to guess anymore.  You don't have to guess where your customers are, don't have to guess how to rank you Google Business Profile, you don't have to guess which marketing company to go with, or even if it's necessary.  Macre Consulting takes the guess work out of all of that, and gives you the answers. 

Each of these services is a 90 day service.  Through out the process you will have bi-weekly check in calls, a dashboard to view what's happening, and the best part it we take the time to explain what we did, how we did, and how you can maximize it going forward.

At the end of the 90 days you will know exactly what has been done, in real time, but you'll also walk away with a personalized blueprint for your business on what we suggest you continue doing to maximize your new and improved online presence based on your goals, industry, area, and competition. Best of all, if you want to continue in our done-for-you maintenance program, we offer that to you in 90 day intervals at a discounted rate.  

Don't be afraid to be bold.